Friday, 21 August 2009




I'm confuse? Felt that I'm not good enough...
I'm confuse? Felt that I couldn't take over...
I'm confuse? Would like to give up...
I'm confuse? But it is not easy to give up...
I'm confuse? I Like it so...
I'm confuse? Maybe rest is the reason to give us time to walk a in long distance...
I'm confuse? ...

Finally, I chose...Try harder and try my best to make or do it better! Cause...this is what God's wants...Thank you God for u have chosen me..I love you!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Aglican of Good Samaritan Church - Chinese Youth Ministry

Japanese's costume





Leaders' Retreat

The theme of 09's youth camp

Our pastor - Ps.Amy

GSC group photo

根 Root's youth camp '09


If not will kena catch by devil

Keep holding hands

Voice of Hope from Good Samaritan

Christmas celebration at gaya street '08

Ice Breaker

BCCM visit our church

Basketball match~ Boys


fuu...Aaron so kuat oh.

Yeah! all doggy...

Balloon Night

蜕变 youth camp '08

We have done many activities & we all have fun.So hope the others can join us in every Friday night 8-10pm.Any information pls comment me.Tq...& God Bless u all.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Valentine's Day!!! It is a day that let all those couple can celebrate their happier on that day. But...when the day comes it is our school replacement holiday class.So we should go back school to study...hmmm~It is so embarrassing!!! After school, go home took a bath n rest. Then almost 3 o'clock Jia Jian came fetch me then we straight go Parkson Grand to shopping. After shopping then straight drive to Salut Seafood Restaurant which near Sepangar.It is a nice trip n a wonderful valentine's day for me.Thanks der...

At Car

Present from me --> Jian


making up at Chanel's department


Salut Seafood Restaurant

big big sea shells



after Salut go those bside road's stalls buy coconut n pudding

Present from Jian --> Me

9's rose

perfume --> Jian

cute teddy --> Jian

Youth n Prayer Meeting

Friday are my church Chinese youth gathering.We have planed a lot of activities to enjoy n invite brother sisters to come join us.below are those pictures that we took when the activity.

Adrian (Group leader) made the mayonnaise eggs

Sandwishes that made by my cell group members

Love shape sandwish by me

so rush to take thier sandwishes,hahaha~ bcos too hungry liaw.

It's ME!!! eating sandwish

Listening God's words

Purpose Driven Life
5 purpose of life

Prayer meeting

Praying for the whole world

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Last Sunday...

Sunday!must be go church to listen god's words n teaching children...after church must be go eat brunch wif family...den in the afternoon go home take a beauty sleep.Night,go my grandmum's shop eat dinner wif all cousins...

At Church...children listening teacher Zhang Hua tells story of God
Wow~ so interesting...
Wat's dat? my favor food...Laksa!!!
Eating wif family at 10 kopitiam,Lintas.